Jimmy S. Clark, Jr.

Accepts Commissions:
Subjects: Abstract and Landscapes


Jimmy Clark, originally from Louisiana; currently resides in Northern Virginia. Jimmy has been fascinated with drawing and painting since childhood. After life changing experiences, he began painting four years ago. He is a self -taught and emerging artist who learned painting techniques from watching Public Broadcasting Service and other training methods. His source of inspiration comes from nature and his primary medium is acrylic.

He is inspired to paint landscapes and nature scenes using warm and bright acrylic colors which are a representation of the four seasons. His thoughts about nature, photos, memories and ideas represent peace and tranquility. He wants to present every piece with a breath of life for people to find peace and be inspired.

He has been a member of the Prince William Art Society since 2014. He won “the People’s Choice Award” for his piece, “Sailboats and Pier”, in the Prince William Art Society’s Fall Art Show, October 2014. He conducted his first Solo Art Exhibit March – April 2015 at the Bull Run Regional Library in Manassas, Virginia.

Click on any of the images below to see a larger version.  

City Scape 4, 48 X 24, Acrylic Abstract Mix, Acrylic, 30 X 24 Carnival, Acrylic, 48 X 24

Sail Boats and City Scape, 30 X 24, Acrylic Field of Wildflowers, 16 X 20, Acrylic Mountains, 16 X 20, Acrylic

Sailboats and Pier, 30 X 24, Acrylic Sunset II, 30 x 24, Acrylic Changing Seasons, 40 X 30, Acrylic

Cabins in the Woods, Acrylic, 24 X 18 Calm Lake, 30 X 24, Acrylic Winter Cabin, Acrylic, 24 X 18